Ep 13: Hannah Nicol – Wanderlust, traveling Southeast Asia and benefits of liberal arts.

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Hannah Nicol

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Hannah Nicol is an assistant director of international student affairs, teaches ESL classes at a university level, and spends all of her spare time traveling and dancing.

“I can do anything for a year.”

In this conversation we go into her early life growing up in Nigeria, the last 4 years she’s spent living in China and traveling Southeast Asia, how her liberal arts degree challenged her old worldview, her love of salsa dancing as a way to connect with others around the globe, and her desire to continue traveling the world and eating new and amazing foods.

“If you’re 20 and healthy, travel the world.”

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5 Key Takeaways

  1. Salsa dancing is a great way to connect with others while traveling alone. There are festivals located all around the world.
  2. Keep some kind of record of your experiences. Carry a small journal with you when you travel. Later in life you will be able to look back at all that you have done.
  3. Going to college can open up the world to you and allow you to think freely. Especially if you grew up in a closed family or culture.
  4. The world is not as mean as we think it is. People are generally kind and willing to help you.
  5. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Pay attention to frequent flyer programs, and avoid the touristy areas.


Show Notes

Intro / Trip to Cambodia [00:31]

What took Hannah to Southeast Asia – Fulbright and beyond [02:59]

How Hannah became interested in education and growing up in Africa [10:24]

Cultural norms and global awareness [21:47]

Travels through Southeast Asia [26:02]

Favorite experiences from traveling in Southeast Asia [33:44]

Connecting with others through [37:56]

Work life as university teacher in Hong Kong [42:42]
Benefits of health happiness and travel first [46:03]
Journaling to capture memories and create positive focus [52:35]
Obstacles and fears in a life of travel [58:54]
One month yoga training in India [01:03:58]

Habits and rituals / exercise for happiness [01:09:02]
Major life influences [01:12:22]

Favorite books [01:20:38]

Final advice [01:25:52]



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