Ep 21: Joanna Kalafatis – Lose the Map on exploring a life of acting and travel blogging.

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Joanna Kalafatis

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Joanna Kalafatis is an actress living and working in Los Angeles as well as the travel blogger and photographer behind Lose the Map. When she’s not auditioning or acting she spends her time exploring other countries where she stays, eats and drinks with locals to really get to know the culture.

“When your environment changes, it changes you.”

In this episode, we dive into Joanna’s journey into the creative arts, how an accident with a kombi taxi changed the way she looked at her life, what she’s learned from traveling solo, and how to write a captivating travel blog. We also talk about her love of acting, how to stay out of trouble while traveling, tips for moving to LA, and so much more. I had so much fun chatting with Joanna, and I think you will get a ton out of this conversation.

“Traveling for blogging is not the same as lying by a pool with a martini.”

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5 Key Takeaways

  1. Being alone in Japan is something I recommend everyone does at least once in their life.
  2. When you throw yourself into travel abroad alone, you come out more confident and more secure in yourself.
  3. When writing a travel blog, the more you can niche down the better. Write with a lot of personality.
  4. When moving to LA for acting or the arts, have longer expectations and stay at it. It’s a marathon.
  5. “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” ~Earl Nightingale


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Show Notes (Ep 21)

Intro and latest obsessions [01:25]

Joanna’s work and art [04:58]
What came first, travel or creativity? [07:20]

When did you start traveling alone [10:38]

Letting go of things that go wrong [13:54]
Process for meeting and getting taken in by locals [15:37]

How do you answer the question, “How do I travel more?” [17:33]
Biggest personality/character change from solo travel [18:56]
The blog Lose the Map [22:05]

When did photography take precedence [26:25]

Advice for starting a travel blog [30:02]
What inspires you to take a picture or write a blog post [31:32]
Do you try to get off the beaten path [33:52]
How structured is your travel [35:36]
How do you manage acting and travel [37:55]
How did you get into acting [41:16]

What advice do you have for people moving to Los Angeles [43:69]
How do you overcome the “pick me” mentality that a lot of creatives suffer from [46:20]
Do you have any habits or rituals to help you stay focused or improve your acting/blogging skills [49:57]

Do you have anything you do to stay on top of work while on the road [52:40]
Do you have anything you wish people would ask you about blogging or acting [54:01]
What media do you consume while on the road [57:30]

Who do you think of when you hear the word successful [01:01:58]

How long do you have to be in one place before you have to travel [01:03:32]
Are there any other major fears or obstacles you’ve had to overcome [01:04:47]
Do you have any other projects you are working on [01:10:52]
Final advice [01:10:52]


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