Ep 19: Ryan Bury – Burning Shade Productions, producing movies and reading a book a week.

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Ryan Bury

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Ryan Bury is originally from Perrysburg, Ohio. Since graduating Bowling Green State University, he has lived and worked in Los Angeles. He’s been the post-production manager on TV shows like America’s Got Talent, The X Factor, The Secret Lives of Americans and more. He’s a co-founder of Burning Shade Productions, and together with Sean Cruser he has written and produced many short films and features.

“Save up a little money and just do it.”

In this episode we learn about how Ryan got into filmmaking, his passion for Classic films, his move to Los Angeles, and how he connected with Sean Cruser to form Burning Shade Productions. We dig into Ryan’s writing process, his work in TV, what he does as a producer and his year of reading a book a week. He even reveals his cocktail of choice. Hint: It tastes like a campfire. Some great stuff in this one and it’s always fun to catch up with Ryan.

“What would Billy Wilder do?”

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5 Key Takeaways

  1. As a writer living in Los Angeles, it’s crucial to get work that pays the bills and allows you the time to write.
  2. Everything seems to move extra slow in LA. Don’t loose sight of your goals and keep making progress.
  3. Keep a small notebook and jot down any idea you have, good or bad.
  4. When writing dialogue ask yourself, “Would the words alone be enough to captivate the audience?”
  5. Don’t be someone that sits around and waits for something to happen. Go make it happen.


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Show Notes (Ep 19)

Intro and where Ryan grew up [01:30]

The movies Ryan was obsessed with as a kid [04:30]

Majoring in Film Production at BGSU [06:40]

Meeting Sean Cruser and writing process [09:40]

Moving to Los Angeles [16:11]

Getting steady work in Los Angeles [18:39]

How Burning Shade Productions came about [20:29]

Finding Actors and Crew [24:26]

The making of Adrift [26:08]

What’s next for Burning Shade Productions [31:18]

Biggest Obstacles or Fears [32:54]
How to get self in writing zone [34:36]
How do you improve your skills [36:28]

The book a week project [38:47]

What are you most passionate about right now [49:59]

Drink of Choice [54:27]

Favorite writers and filmmakers [55:38]

Final advice for novice filmmakers [59:58]


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