Man Bike World Pt. 2 – Halfway down the Great Divide Trail. Bicycles, bears, friends and fires.

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Russ McCoy

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This is a special mini-episode of Odyssey and Muse where we check in with people that are about to embark on or are in the middle of an adventure around the world. In this episode I catch up with Russ McCoy of Man Bike World. Russ is in the midst of his Great Divide Mountain Bike Tour. I interviewed him back in July just before he shoved off. If you haven’t listened to that episode you can catch up here.

“I saw this little baby grizzly bear cub running across the road.”

Russ began his tour in Banff, Canada and has traveled through Montana, Idaho and is most of the way through Wyoming. In this conversation, we talk about his early encounter with grizzly bears, his misfortunes with bear spray, his new friends on the trail, how his gear and body are both holding up, and about all of the amazing sites seen and experiences had.

“You can’t challenge the rumor. So we were prepared for having no water.”

We’re planning to catch up with Russ when he reaches the end of his 2,745 mile journey, so make sure to check back for updates.

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3 Key Takeaways

  1. If you’re going to be in grizzly bear country, it can pay to have a can of bear spray.
  2. Be careful how you store your bear spray. If you puncture the can it can be bad news for you.
  3. If you’re riding the Great Divide Trail try to stay at Barbara’s Cyclist Only Cabin.


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A Video Post from Russ

Show Notes (Man Bike World Pt. 2)

Introduction and review of Great Divide tour [00:56]

Beginning the journey and the bear spray incident [03:18]

How did your body adjust to the riding [14:05]
Traveling solo vs with others [15:22]
What has the terrain been like [16:28]

How much water would you carry [20:26]
Favorite sites and the treat of forest fires [21:25]

Gear issues [29:08]
Special moments on the ride [32:20]
Experiences using tech to record and connect online [35:07]

Plans for the next few days and the rest of the trip [38:19]


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